Granite maintenance for your home in Perth

Protective coating

Now that you have your nice new granite benchtop, it is important to understand how to conduct granite maintenance to ensure it continues to look as good as new over time. When you purchase a stone product from Supreme Marble & Granite in Perth, you can rest assured knowing that it is sealed with a protective coating to reduce the porosity of the natural surface. You will find the granite is easy to clean. Mild soap and water is all that you will need to ensure a nice clean benchtop.

Care when cleaning

When cleaning your granite benchtop, please be sure to never use abrasive cleaning products such as metal pads and scouring detergents. These methods can affect the granite's finish over time. Please also avoid alkaline and chlorine based cleaners as well as bleach.

Drainage flutes

Drainage flutes can be cleaned using wire wool and wax. Please note that acidic products such as citrus liquids, wine and vinegars will leave marks on your granite surface if not wiped immediately. The same goes with strong coloured foods such as beetroot and blackcurrant.

Care with excessive heat

Please avoid exposing your granite product to excessive heat such as hot pans. To prolong the life of your granite benchtop, take special care in the kitchen.

Marble bench-top in the kitchen